The Oceanfront Sentosa Swimming Lesson

The Oceanfront Condominium is one of the condos that can be located on Sentosa Cove. As a way of demarcation, Sentosa Cove is being calved up into 2 sectors, namely the North Cove and South Cove. The Oceanfront Sentosa Cove belongs to the North Cove of the island.

Swimming Lessons At The Oceanfront

Sentosa swimming lessons at The Oceanfront is managed and conducted by Swim Sentosa (also known as Sentosa Swim Coaching). Led by Coach Garett and his team, Swim Sentosa has grown to become a household name, with many families knowing the Swim Sentosa brand.

Exisiting group lessons are conducted on both the weekdays and weekends. Contact us to find out about the lesson schedules and available slots.

North Cove of Sentosa

The Coast At Sentosa Cove

The Oceanfront Sentosa Cove

The Residences At W

The Berth By The Cove

The Azure Sentosa Cove Swimming Lessons

The Azure

South Cove of Sentosa


Cape Royale


Marina Collection

Seven Palms Sentosa Cove Swimming Lessons

Seven Palms Sentosa Cove

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