My 5yo son has been with Coach Justin since May 2018. Within this period of time, we’ve witnessed major changes in him from a crying and whining boy who is terrified of going into pools/seaside to one who enjoys and is able to swim for a short little distance without us. He is comfortable being in water now and is building up stamina to carry out various swim strokes.

We are very grateful for that and highly recommend Coach Justin.

✔️ Passionate to teach swimming.
✔️ Able to understand swimmer’s emotion and character/personality so as to come up with methods suitable to engage swimmer.
✔️ Patient and encouraging.
✔️ Instills discipline and safety in swimming.
✔️ Sets age and capability appropriate expectations.
✔️ Bilingual.
✔️ Experienced and professional.
✔️ Puts parents at ease as well.

Lin ChunHui Eunic

Toddler Swimming Lessons

A skillful and caring swimming coach. My two girls, start their lessons with Coach Justin when they were in N2 and K2. Both of them are now able to swim confidently in water and always looking forward to their swimming lesson! 🥰

Michelle Tan

Toddler Swimming Lessons

We would recommend Justin to any adult who wants to learn how to swim. When you see the dedication and level of perfection that Justin demands you know you are getting taught the proper way. With Justin you are learning everything precisely. It simply not just about swimming but swimming correctly, confidently and with precision. For as long as we can remember we were afraid of water and the depth. Today with Justin’s lessons and guidance our confidence is growing.

Manimegalai Vellasamy

Adult Swimming Lessons

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