Zhao Mengqi

Adult Swimming Lessons

Both my children aged 7 and 5 have been swimming under Coach Justin’s guidance since April 2018.

For my 5 years old, she started swimming with floats and now she’s able to swim without it and learnt various strokes in less than a year. Whereas my older one, he is able to swim with proper strokes and improve with his timing and techniques.

Coach Justin is an outstanding passionate teacher with amazing teaching skills. He knows his students well both in their capabilities and personalities, thus he knows exactly how to get better results from them.

I highly recommend Coach Justin to parents who would like their kids to swim not only safer in mind but also to swim using proper techniques.

Christina Tandiono

Kids Swimming Lessons

With his songs and charisma, Coach Justin builds water confidence in a fun and engaging way and kids just adore him.

Melissa Tan

Toddler Swimming Lessons

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