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Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex

Swimming Lessons At Tampines are conducted at Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex.

Baby Swim Classes and Toddler Swim Classes are generally conducted in the teaching pool with a depth between o.9m to 1.0m. As the baby and toddler classes are parent accompanied, this is to allow parents to be able to stand comfortably when guiding their child in class.

Kids Swim Classes and Adult Swim Classes are generally conducted in both the teaching pool and the competition pool. This is to allow the learner to be able to pick up important survival skill such as treading water.

Swim aids are useful to have in the pool for lessons. However, swimming equipments such as flippers, snorkels and arm paddles are not allowed as they may pose danger to other pool users. Therefore, it is best to consult the life guards onsite or your respective swimming instructors regarding the use of permitted swim aids.  

Types of Classes Available

Lesson Fees

Due to the pandemic situation, the COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce has set regulatory restrictions on group ratios for group sports. For pricing related inquiry, please contact us via the Whatsapp icon located at the bottom right of the page to find out more.

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Venue & Facilities

Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex has a wading pool that is 0.3m in depth, a lap pool for swimming lessons to be conducted that is 1.2m in depth, and even a jacuzzi pool that is 0.9m in depth. Finally, a great highlight of the swimming complex would be its extensive interactive pool that is 0.3m in depth as well, perfect for the little ones that are learning how to swim. Some of its exciting features include a kiddie water play area, mini colourful pods for toddlers, water slides and sprinklers and even an area with water guns for children to mingle and have fun together. What better place for your child to learn swimming while enjoying these fun-filled facilities after their swimming lessons? In addition, there is also an open concept shower room dedicated for kids, a thoughtful and convenient addition to the swimming complex.

Tampines Hub itself has an impressive array of facilities other than the swimming complex, which the visitors can explore with their loved ones at their own pace. For one, there is an Eco-community garden in the same floor as the swimming complex, which has a myriad of exotic and interesting vegetable selection being grown there. Families can enjoy their time strolling through the garden while they introduce to the little ones the idea of growing crops.

Given that Tampines Hub has six floors, it also have other facilities including an all-encompassing library, perfect for anyone to settle down by grabbing an interesting read. Otherwise, families can always dig into the amazing selection of dining options there, including the food court and restaurants available.

Since Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex is close to the Tampines MRT, visitors can always travel across destinations via the East-West MRT Line. If not, they can always opt to indulge in a retail therapy at the nearby shopping malls including: Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and even the newly renovated Century Square. Certainly the perfect place to fulfill your lifestyle cravings while enjoying a refreshing swim in the clear waters at Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex!

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