SwimSafer Stage 1

SwimSafer Stage 1 is the foremost learning stage where the kids will be taught to embrace confidence and become independent in the water. This is also a beginner stage, where the learning phase is meant to be enjoyable, making it easier for kids to have fun and become comfortable in water.

In this stage, the objective is to develop confidence and independence in the water. This professional Kids Swimming Lessons teaches kids personal water safety techniques that include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit.

SwimSafer Stage 1 Test Criteria

Entries & Exits 1. Demonstrate slide-in entry
2. Exit using ladder
3. Exit safely from pool edge (either by ladder or pool's edge)
Sculling & Body Orientation 1. Front float (mushroom or jellyfish) - 5 seconds, recover to standing position
2. Back float - 5 seconds, recover to standing position
Underwater Skills Submerge in waist deep (student's) water, open eyes and blow bubbles
Movement/Swimming/Strokes 1. Movement on the front for 10m (alternating arms and legs or simultaneous arms and legs)
2. Movement on the back for 5m (alternating arms and legs or simultaneous arms and legs)
Survival & Activity skills (Without Goggles) 1. Signal distress
2. Grasp the flotation aid, and float with it for 10 seconds
3. Then move (with the float) to the pool's edge
4. Dressed in swimwear, t-shirt and shorts, demonstrate:
- Correctly fit a PFD
- Jump into the water
- Float for 30 seconds
- Climb out of deep water
Rescue Skills Nil
Knowledge 1. Principles of Personal Safety and Survival
2. Environmental Awareness
3. Emergency Situations and Survival Techniques
4. Health Awareness
5. Rescues

The SwimSafer 2.0 syllabus is designed to be a stranded testing system. The learner do not have to hold a pre-requisite certification in order to attend the higher test stages. For example, the learner can attend Swimsafer Stage 1 when he/she is ready. All test levels are independent and certified coaches can send their kids to either level which they deem suitable.

SwimSafer Stage 1 Certification

SwimSafer Theory Test Portal

All SwimSafer participants are required to complete the SwimSafer Quiz and achieve 90% to pass the test with unlimited attempt.

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