Sentosa Swimming Lessons

Sentosa swimming lessons are conducted by a dedicated team of swim teachers from Sentosa Swim Coaching. Bringing to the residents of the Sentosa Cove area the best swim teaching services available on this little island of fun!

With more than a hundred over students as a testament to its popularity in meeting the needs of parents and their children through weekly lessons taking place daily, the Sentosa Swim Coaching team of dedicated swim teachers cater to a full age spectrum, ranging from infants and toddlers in parent-child classes, to Learn-To-Swim & Stroke Development programs for children and adults alike.

Sentosa Swim Coaching

Probably the largest swim school within the Sentosa Cove area, serving well over a hundred students and growing. Sentosa Swim Coaching prides itself on meeting the learning needs of its swimmers that range across from the very young little ones in our parent accompanied infant aquatics and toddler swimming lessons, to children swim classes with advanced stroke development programmes. For keen adult learners who are new to swimming, or looking to improve their swim strokes, adult swimming lessons can be arranged as well!

Founded previously by Mathew Tkalec who was one of the residents of the Cove area, he did an excellent job of having built up its operations and has since moved to Switzerland, handing over the reins to swim school industry veteran, Garett Lee, who now leads Sentosa Swim Coaching with his team of qualified and dedicated swim teachers.

Teaching Philosophy

The essence and heart of Sentosa Swim Coaching lies in its mobile swim school teaching philosophy, bringing to residents at their condo pools to experience the best of what a fixed venue swim school centre would have:

1. Child-centric teaching curriculum backed by best practices formulated through an established reputation and continuing commitment in teaching development through attendance at leading swim teaching conferences overseas.

2. Teaching equipment usually only found at centres, but we bring them to condos through our signature use of a bicycle and trailer-full of teaching aids and toys, mats and even a slide! Say hi when you see us zip by!

3. Passionate and dedicated teachers that have graduated previously from an extensive teacher apprenticeship program that saw not only the attainment of teaching qualifications, but more importantly, a systematic and lengthy process of induction that is in excess of 100 hours, ensuring a broad level of exposure across all possible variable factors while in a teaching class.

At Sentosa Swim Coaching, we speak of the joys of learning, where teaching takes on a productive outcome through an engaging, fun-filled lesson each and every week. Because when teaching comes from the heart, learning is self-motivated, and achievement becomes a realised outcome!

Lesson Fees & Duration

Our swim lesson fees are priced in variance to the time duration and nature of the swim class types, with private individual lessons costing more than that of group classes.

Group classes are $30 per student per lesson, while a small class of just two students is at $40 per student per lesson. Lesson duration are 30mins per class for children, while adult lessons are 45mins per lesson.

*Note that the per lesson cost serves only as a point of reference for ease of calculation, all fees are to be paid in advance ahead for a term, which is typically two months per term.

Condominiums At Sentosa

The Coast

276 Ocean Drive, Singapore 098449

The Oceanfront

281 Ocean Drive, Singapore 098527


55 Cove Way, Singapore 098307

The Residences At W

Ocean Way, Singapore 098367


51 Cove Drive, Singapore 098393

Cape Royale

25 Cove Way, Singapore 098209

The Berth

212 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098624

Marina Collection

13, 15, 17 Cove Drive, Singapore 098327