School Holiday Swimming Lessons

School Holiday Swimming Programme is the perfect activity to keep your kids active and moving! As mid-year and end-year school holidays are long breaks, many parents will prefer their kids to be out learning a new skill, rather than laying back on the couch watching television all day.

The lesson schedule of a holiday programme are designed to be slightly  packed as kids have much more focus and energy during this time as they do not have to attend school. These intensive lessons can be up to 3 or 4 times a week, depending on the volume of students attending.

Such arrangments are well suited for specific group of learners who are:

1) Water-Phobic Beginners

2) Looking For Stroke-Corrections

3) Intending To Complete SwimSafer Test Stage

Benefits Of Intensive Swimming

This holiday curriculum is designed to be more intensive as compared to the usual swimming lessons curriculum which takes place once a week. This provides a more focused environment for learners to accomplish their swimming goals.