Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons are specially tailored lessons that to cater to differing needs. By giving your child the personalised attention, it makes learning more enjoyable as the curriculum will be designed for the individual. In a private class setting, the location of class, timing, and group size are all customisable. The main purpose of having private swimming lessons is to provide convenience to the learner(s).

Such exclusive arrangements are well-suited for learner(s) who prefers to arrange for swimming classes that fit their busy/tight schedules. Usually, private lessons would either take place in:

1. Private Home Swimming Pool
2. Condominium Swimming Pool
3. Nearby Public Swimming Complex

Kids Swimming Lesson

Swimming Lessons At Your Own Private Home Pool

Enjoy the luxury of having Swimming Lessons at your own pool. Having lessons at your own pool, you can forget about fighting for space when it comes to sharing of pool space. The quiet environment would also give the learner the perfect setting to be better focused.

In addition, if your home pool is a heated pool with shelter, you can proceed with lessons every week without having to worry about the weather and water temperature!

And once you are done with lessons, you can hop straight into the showers with hot water readily available. Enjoy the exclusivity  of having lessons at your very own Private Home Swimming Pool.

Swimming Lessons At Your Condominium Swimming Pool

Enjoy the convenience of having Swimming Lessons at your condominium pool. Just a few meters away from your home, most developers built their pools near the middle of the condominium premise. This is to centralise the facility to make it convenient for all residents.

Nowadays, newer condominiums come with multiple pool option. Lap pool for the advanced swimmers who would prefer continuous swims without having to stop as often. Jacuzzi pool for those who wishes to relax on unwind on the weekends. And a huge family pool that are usually 1 to 1.2 metres deep for families to hang out. Family pools are often used for swimming lessons as well due to its comfortable pool depth and ample space.

After lessons, you can choose to rinse off at the nearby toilet, or simply wrap yourself up in a towel and head straight home to wash up. Such convenience can only be found in private pools or your own residential Condominium Swimming Pool.

Swimming Lessons At Nearby Public Swimming Complexes

There are 26 swimming pools in singapore that are open to the public. Public pools are one of the best places to look for Swimming Lessons as the venues are built with various pool depth to allow different swimming and survival skills to be taught. Find the Public Swimming Complex that is nearest to your residential address by clicking here.


Aquaphobia, otherwise known as water-phobia, is a type of fear which one can develop naturally from a young age, or caused by a traumatic event involving near-drowning experiences. Learners with aquaphobia requires more attention when it comes to swimming. Firstly, the swim coach will have to address the fear that the learner has of submerging their face in water. Water entering sensitive facial regions such as eyes, nose, mouth and ears can trigger reflexes such as gasping for air. This can cause accidental swallowing of mouthfuls of water, which in turn, causes choking. Accumulation of such traumatic experiences could result in the learner stopping swimming completely.

Thus, it is highly recommended that learners with water-phobia consider private lessons as the learners get to practise water acclimatising activities at their own pace and not worry about catching up with their peers in the class. This also helps to create a positive environment for the learner and encourage them to progress further in their swimming journey.

Specially-Tailored Lesson Plan

At Aquatics In Motion, we believe that no two learners develop at the same pace. Some may be fast learners at the start and gradually becomes slower as they progress to more advanced skills. On the other hand, there are also learners who start off at a slower pace and get better when they settle into the lesson routine. Hence, with private swimming classes, we can tailor-fit our lesson plans to address these varying factors.