Private Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Aquatics In Motion Private swimming lessons has been a trusted swim school brand in Singapore. Our team of professional coaches have been providing private one to one, semi-private small group, and centralised group swimming lessons islandwide since 2017. Being a mobile swim school, we provide our services by conducting lessons at private condominium/bungalow home pools and public swimming complexes that is convenient for our clients. We have also worked very closely with our Sentosa Swim Coaching (SwimSentosa) team over the years to build up a strong presence in the Sentosa Cove community, providing both private swimming lessons, and centralised group programmes at very competitive rates.


Why Choose Private Swimming Lessons?

Over the years of swim teaching, we have found that learners in an individual class, or a smaller group class (less than 6 learners) perform better and are able to pick up swim skills much faster than the common grouping of 10. This is because with a smaller group, it reduces the downtime for each learner and maximises practice time, thus giving them better focused lessons with more attention from the coach. Attending such private swim classes also allows our coaches to  solve specific learning challenges faced by each learner. From water anxiety, where more time is needed for the learner to build up their water confidence, to swim stroke corrections where the coach can pinpoint technical mistakes. Private swimming lessons is more effective in addressing such issues.

Rates & Fees

Individual classes do come at a higher cost rate, prioritising schedule convenience, and more flexible terms for class cancellations compared to group class terms. Enquire directly with us for the rates for a private individual class, or a private class of two student learners. We recommend private classes for those who demand the very best in focused attention for the learner, with flexible terms – “don’t pay for lessons you can’t attend!”


Why Is It More Expensive?

Private & semi-private swimming lesson fees are priced higher than the conventional group classes that takes place in a public pool because the swim coach has to set aside that hour time block to accomplish three things; to travel down to your preferred location, to conduct the 30-45 minutes lesson, and to travel to the next location for the next lesson. This means that the swim coach is sacrificing the in between classes travelling time which he/she could have conducted another back-to-back class in a particular venue. Thus, this is factored in as part of the operational cost of the swim coach due to the limited number of classes that can be conducted in a day.


A Good Start For Aquaphobic Learners

Aquaphobia, otherwise known as water-phobia, is a type of fear which one can develop naturally from a young age. It can also be caused by a traumatic event involving near-drowning experiences. This makes picking up swimming a lot more challenging as the learners will face issues such as submerging his/her face underwater and holding their breath. Thus, aquaphobic learners require more attention when it comes to learning to swim.

Private One-To-One Swimming Lessons

In the case of aquaphobic swimmers, it is highly recommended for the learner to start of with a private individual/one-to-one coaching. This allows the swim coach to solely focus on the individual and assess his/her anxiety level during lesson. The swim coach will then be able to prescribe a suitable lesson approach base on his/her experience to help overcome the fear of water.

Suitable For All Ages

Private Baby Swimming Lessons

Lesson Objective:

  1. Familiarisation in Water
  2. Safe Entries & Exits
  3. Breath Holding Cues
  4. Submersion Cues
  5. Paddling & Kicking
  6. Body Orientation
  7. Buoyancy & Flotation

Private Toddler Swimming Lessons

Lesson Objective:

  1. Water Safety
  2. Water Confidence
  3. Breath Control
  4. Submersions
  5. Short Distance Swim
  6. Psychomotor Learning
  7. Front & Back Floating

Private Kids Swimming Lessons

Lesson Objective:

  1. Water Safety
  2. Water Confidence
  3. Water Survival Skills
  4. Locomotor Skills
  5. Bilateral Breathing
  6. Stamina Build Up
  7. Six Swim Strokes*

Private Adult Swimming Lessons

Lesson Objective:

  1. Cardiovascular Fitness
  2. Swim Stroke Corrections
  3. Swim Stroke Mastery
  4. Build Muscular Endurance
  5. Open Water Survival Skills

* The six swim strokes required by the SwimSafer Syllabus are Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Survival Backstroke and Sidestroke. Refer to the SwimSafer Testing Syllabus here.

Locations For Private Swim Classes

Private Home Pool

Enjoy the Luxury of having swimming lessons at your own Condominium Pool

Indoor Heated Pool

Enjoy the Comfort of having swimming lessons in an Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

Public Pool

Enjoy the Convenience of having swimming lessons at a nearby Public Swimming Complex

Sentosa Cove

The Oceanfront Sentosa Swimming Lesson

Enjoy the Exclusivity of having swimming lessons in Sentosa Cove with Swim Sentosa

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