Ladies Swimming Lessons

Ladies Swimming Lessons are specially designed classes catering only to female learners. This type of classes are suitable for learners of all ages, whether is the class catering to kids or adults. The class will also be conducted by a female swim teacher. After all, a lady coach would be able to better understand the challenges the female learners goes through, both mentally and physically, during learning.

As the body composition of a female is fairly different from the body of a man, this means that there will be a difference in the learner experience when picking up a new skill. Generally speaking, the body fat percentage in a woman is slightly higher than men, this means that most females will be better floaters. With naturally better buoyancy, it is easier to learn a swim stroke. The swimmer does not have to worry about sinking easily as compared to natural sinker body type.

With all this points in mind, lesson plans will be tailored to meet these needs to ensure a more efficient learning environment is provided to all female learners. 

Swimming Progression For Ladies

Beginner Swimming Lessons

This stage is suitable for students who are new to swimming. The focus of the class will be to help learners:

– Build water confidence

– Demonstrate basic swim strokes (freestyle or breaststroke)

– Demonstrate survial skills (floation, face submersions and breathing techniques)

Intermediate Swimming Lessons

At this stage, learners should be be able to swim for at least 50m to 100m. The focus will be on technical stroke corrections and building up stamina. During this phase, advanced survival skills such as treading water or sculling will also be taught.

Advanced Swimming Lessons

At this stage, learners would have already been taught the 4 basic stokes – freestyle, breaststroke, survival backstroke and backstroke. The focus will be the introduction of the butterfly stroke, and other various techniques such as dive start, tumble-turn and bilateral breathing for freestyle.

Lady Swim Instructors

In recent years, more and more parents are looking specifically for lady swim instructors. This is due to the gender sensitivity which some parents feel are important for their kids, as swimming is a sport that requires some form of physical contact for swim stroke corrections. With the growing demands, the availability of lady coaches are gradually shrinking. Thus, the market rates to engage lady swim instructors is slightly higher as compared to male swim instructors.

But of course, the rates for lady swim intructors are not ridiculously high, it is just slightly higher than a male swim instructor’s rate due to supply and demand.

Lesson Fees

Due to the pandemic situation, the COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce has set regulatory restrictions on group ratios for group sports. For pricing related inquiry, please contact us via the Whatsapp icon located at the bottom right of the page to find out more.

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