Intensive Swimming Lessons

Intensive Swimming Lessons provides a very focused and goal-oriented structure for learners to accomplish their intended objective. 

Swimming Lessons are usually arranged once a week due to work or school commitments. However, in this programme, the intend is to achieve a specific goal within a stipulated timeframe. Thus, this requires consistent and regualr practise. Certain repetitions can be helpful in activating our muscle memory in our body through swimmimg as well.

Muscle memory is a form of procedural memory, which involves a collection of  specific motor tasks, and through repetitions, turns the motor learning into a form of memory.

Water-Phobic Beginners

For water-phobic kids, frequent sessions will be beneficial for them as it gives them enough time acclimatise to the aquatic environment with proper guidance from the coach. This is especially important for kids who gets anxious easily when they see a new face.

By having frequent sessions, the learners are not only given enough time to familiarise themselves with the coach, but it also gives the coach time to set up some water conditioning activities that can help build water confidence in them. With time, the learners will be able to try out previously daunting activities such as putting their face into the water to blow bubbles.

Looking For Stroke-Corrections

For learners who can swim and have no problems with water survival, but tires easily with a short lap. This could be that the swim strokes performed are inefficient. Signs of an inefficient stroke are:

1. Fast arms and legs movement, but moved only a short distance

2. Get breathless easily

3. Have problems balancing or staying afloat while swimming

Either of the above mentioned points are signs that the swim strokes are executed incorrectly. Thus, in this programme, the learners will get to understand what is wrong with their techniques, and how to swim faster with lesser effort using the proper stroke execution.

Intending To Complete SwimSafer Test Stage

Many parents like to utilise the school holiday period to help their child achieve something purposeful. And in the area of swimming, achieving a recognised swim certification is one of them. The SwimSafer Certification not only test the child’s swimming ability, but also value adds to their knowledge of water-safety and survival techniques.