Indoor Heated Swimming Pools

Indoor Heated Swimming Pools are purpose-built facilities catered to parents who wish to provide for their little ones who are just starting out their swim journey in the water. The indoor environment fully protects your child from the external weather conditions such as UV rays on a sunny day, or the cold wind from a cloudy sky. The temperature-controlled setting maintains the pool water at a comfortable 31 to 33 degrees celsius. This provides the best learning environment for your child as it allows them to better focus during lessons.

Indoor heated swimming pools are also perfect for adult learners who wises to attend swimming lessons or aqua aerobics after work. Equipped with heated pumps, the pool water can be heated to the desired temperature setting. Enthusiastic learners no longer need to worry about experiencing cold waters or strong winds attending lessons after sunset!

Temperature-Controlled Facilities

Heated swimming pools are mainly designed for the purpose of infant aquatics and toddler aquatics. As babies and toddlers cannot retain body heat as well as older kids or adults, the tendancy for them feeling cold in the water is much faster. Thus, a pool built with a heating system solves this problem as the system will be able to automatically controls the water temperature.

One of the popular models of heating systems is the EvoHeat. They are the leading specialist supplier of heating pumps for domestic and commercial pool application. Their energy saving pool heaters are designed to meet the needs of different swimming pool designs and environments.

Pool Chlorination

There is often a debate whether traditional chlorination is better, or salt chlorination is better. After years of comparison by industrial leaders,  salt chlorination seems to be the more preferred option.

This is due to the minimal use of chemicals in this process. Chlorine levels used in a salt water chlorination is lower, so no sanitising agents need to be added futher. This means that there will be no strong chlorine odour lingering around, especially in an indoor environment.

Secondly, minimal maintenance is required from salt water chlorinated pools as it virtually cleans itself. There is no need to add additonal sanitising agents. All that is needed for pool maintenance is to regularly monitor the PH, alkalnity and water hardness to ensure that the pool is fit for usage.

Salt chlorinated pools are generally healthier for swimmers enjoying in the water. The softening effect of saltwater chlorination as compared to traditional chlorination helps to take better care of your eyes, skin and hair. Swimmers are less likely to feel the irriation burns when they open their eyes in the water due to the absence of additives and high levels of chlorine. With lower levels of chlorine, this also means that swimmers will not experience dry skin, red eyes and discoloured hair, which are common problems amongst traditional chlorinated pool users.


Sheltered Environment

The sheltered facility allows lessons to take place whether rain or shine. The enclosed environment keeps cold wind out, making it the perfect environment suitable for babies to have lessons in.


Period Trial Class Fees Per Term
Term 1 (Jan – Apr) $46.00 $650.00
Term 2 (May – Aug) $46.00 $650.00
Term 3 (Sep – Dec) $46.00 $650.00




  • Take Bus no.10, 30, 31, 51,143,175, 176, 188, 200, 200A (Alight at Opp Haw Par Villa MRT Station)


  • Alight at Haw Par Villa (CC25)


  • Take MCE towards West Coast Highway and take the exit toward Telok Blangah Rd from Keppel Viaduct

Map of Indoor Heated Swimming Pool @ Westway

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