Freestyle/Front Crawl

The freestyle or front crawl is the most energy efficient as well as fastest swim stroke. However, many beginners faced obstacles when learning the stroke due to the face being submerged and the need to rotate for breathing. Let’s take a look at what the freestyle looks like before proceeding:

How To Swim Freestyle/Front Crawl?

Step 1. Body flat, eyes looking forward and down.

Step 2. Hand enters the water just inside the shoulder line. Arm pulls down and back with elbow bent, body roll following momentum.

Step 3. Arm recovery is an easy, relaxed action with the elbow slightly higher than the hand.

Step 4. Arm pushes back, head starts to turn, ready for breathing.

Step 6. The face turns back into the water as soon as the breath is taken.

Adult Learning Journey With Us

As the old saying goes “live till you’re old, learn till you’re old” is the way of life which many has chose to live by. Age should never be a consideration factor for anyone who wishes to pick up a new skill in their golden years.

In Aquatics In Motion, our adult swimming lessons cater to all adult learners, whether you are a beginner water-phobic learner, or a intermediate learner who is looking for stroke corrections.

Classes conducted are ongoing weekly, as regular practises help adult learners retain information better through muscle memory excerises in the pool.

To understand which learning level you are in, adult swimmers can be categoriesed into 3 stages; Beginner, Intermediate, Advance.


BeginnerDemonstrate the ability to submerge face underwater without goggles, and perform a free-float (either forward float or backward float)
IntermediateDemonstrate the ability to swim for a short distance with basic arm and leg propulsive movements
AdvanceDemonstrate the ability to swim longer distances with efficient arm and leg propulsive movements and regular breathing

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