Family Swimming Lessons

There may be numerous offerings for kids swimming lessons and even the adult swimming lessons, but there is also another option as well: Family swimming lessons. This means that children and parents can enroll together to enjoy the swimming experience together. Here are a few reasons why family swimming lessons can be extremely fun, engaging and exciting for every family member!

What Will The Family Learn

  • Develop survival skills earlier
  • Develop essential social, personal
  • Improve motor skills
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Increased water confidence
  • Advanced cognitive and linguistic skills 

Benefits Of Kids Swimming Lessons

For one, the greatest perk of swimming together in the family swimming lessons would be the possibility for parents to send more quality time with their child while they enjoy the swimming experience. This can be especially important for the parents that are usually busy with their work consistently, where this opportunity to swim together can be a turning point to get close with their loved ones and enjoy each other’s company.

In addition, swimming lessons are crucial since this is a useful and life-saving skill that everyone could strive to have, especially families where parents should learn how to swim. If the young kids of the family were to ever venture into the deeper waters to play outside of the swimming premises, the adults that also learnt how to swim together, can now supervise them and join them if it was not safe.

Furthermore, swimming lessons is good for both members of the family since it helps to build up stamina and strength within the body. This may be good for adults to keep fit overtime, while helping the child to develop strength overtime. There is also the opportunity to relax and unwind from stress at work in the soothing waters, which is also extremely therepeutic as well.

Family swimming lessons will be designed such that parents and children can learn together at a combined pace, and they can take the chance to interact and have fun – no one will be left behind!

Family Swimming Journey With Us

As kids grow up, they will become more active and curious to try new things. Being able to play in the pool or by the beach will be one of the activities they look forward to. Thus, equipping them with essential water-safety knowledge and critical water-survival skills is key.

In fact, with the inclusion of swimming into the national education curriculum, swimming is now considered an essential life skill.

At Aquatics In Motion, we adhere strictly to the swimsafer syllabus in our kids learn-to-swim-programme. Our learn-to-swim progressions are generally categorised into 3 different levels, with each level represented by one or more swimsafer tests. The levels are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.


Beginner SwimSafer Stage 1

SwimSafer Stage 2

SwimSafer Stage 3


SwimSafer Bronze

SwimSafer Silver

SwimSafer Gold


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