Swimming Lessons At

Delta Swimming Complex

Swimming Lessons At Delta are conducted at Delta Swimming Complex.

Baby Swim Classes and Toddler Swim Classes are generally conducted in the teaching pool with a depth between o.9m to 1.0m. As the baby and toddler classes are parent accompanied, this is to allow parents to be able to stand comfortably when guiding their child in class.

Kids Swim Classes and Adult Swim Classes are generally conducted in both the teaching pool and the competition pool. This is to allow the learner to be able to pick up important survival skill such as treading water.

Swim aids are useful to have in the pool for lessons. However, swimming equipments such as flippers, snorkels and arm paddles are not allowed as they may pose danger to other pool users. Therefore, it is best to consult the life guards onsite or your respective swimming instructors regarding the use of permitted swim aids.  

Types of Classes Available

Lesson Fees

Private Class

1 Month = 4 Lessons
(Fees stated are based on per student/learner)

  • Individual: $240 to $320 for 4 lessons
  • 2 in a group: $150 to $170 for 4 lessons
  • 3 in a group: $140 to $168 for 4 lessons
  • 4 in a group: $120 to $160 for 4 lessons
  • 5 in a group: $108 to $140 for 4 lessons
  • 6 in a group: $100 to $120 for 4 lessons
Centralised Group

1 Month = 4 Lessons
(Fees stated are based on per student/learner)

  • 8 to 10 in a group: $140 to $180 for 8 lessons

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Venue & Facilities

Delta Swimming Complex has a competition pool, a wading pool and a teaching pool for swimming lessons to be conducted. Other recreational activities around the area includes Delta Hockey Field and Delta ActiveSG Gym. Convenient parking facilities are readily available, with 128 car parking slots and 36 motorcycle parking slots.

Delta Swimming Complex is a 6 minutes’ walk from Redhill MRT and a 10 minutes’ walk from Tiong Bahru MRT. Therefore, visitors can choose to alight at either station to walk to the swimming complex. Bus services within the vicinity include 32, 33, 63, 64, 120, 132 145 and 145A.

If visitors are travelling from Redhill MRT, Redhill Market and the Redhill Food Centre is just around the corner. As for Tiong Bahru MRT, Tiong Bahru Plaza is just right beside the station. Perfect for dinner with your friends and family right after lessons.

In addition, recreational places such Tiong Bahru Playground for the little ones, and an Alexandra Dog Park for the dog lovers are great places to visit after dinner.