Swimming Lessons At

Bishan Swimming Complex

Swimming Lessons At Bishan are conducted by NROC certified coaches at Bishan Swimming Complex. Managed by Sport Singapore and ActiveSG, Bishan swimming pool is located in the Central region of Singapore. Swimming lessons for all ages can be conducted in these 26 public swimming complex pools.



1 Bishan St 14, Singapore 579778


Operating Hours

Monday6.30am – 9.30pm
Tuesday6.30am – 9.30pm
Wednesday6.30am – 9.30pm
Thursday2.30am – 9.30pm
Friday6.30am – 9.30pm
Saturday6.30am – 9.30pm
Sunday6.30am – 9.30pm

Swimming Lessons For All Ages

Baby and toddler swimming lessons are normally conducted in the teaching pool with a pool depth of o.9m to 1.0m. This is because baby and toddler classes are parent-accompanied, and we require parents to be able to stand comfortably as they guide their little ones through with the activities during class. Swim toys such as floating rings/balls, pouring cups, water wheels and mats will also be used in class more vibrant and fun.

Baby Class

Toddler Class

Kids swimming lessons will take place in both the teaching pool and the 50m lap pool, depending on their competency level. Beginner groups will usually stick to the teaching pool as this allows the coach to ensure safety of the kids much easier. Only when the kids have progressed to intermediate and advanced levels, then will the lessons be moved to the competitive lap pool. It will also be at this point where the coach will start on the SwimSafer syllabus with the kids.

Children Class

Test Criteria

Adult and ladies only swimming lessons will normally be conducted in the teaching pool, as a handful of adults learners who just started out swimming are aquaphobic, even without them realising. Thus it is important for the coach to evaluate each individual learner before recommending a suitable lesson plan for them. For advanced adult learners, lessons can be moved to the 50m lap pool for stamina/endurance training and swim stroke corrections. Important survival skill such as treading water can also be taught in the deeper part (1.8m depth) of the lap pool.

Adult Classes

Ladies Class

Swimming Equipment

Swim equipment can be useful in the pool for swimming lessons. However, some swimming equipment such as flippers, snorkels and arm paddles are not allowed in a public swimming complex pool as the equipment allows the swimmer to swim faster, thus it may pose danger to other leisure pool users.

Only swim aids such as kickboards, noodle floats and back floats are permitted for use during swimming lessons as these are equipments which swim coaches use to help ensure safety during classes. It is best to consult the life guards onsite or your respective swimming instructors regarding the use of permitted swim aids.

Adult Swimming Lesson

Fees & Rates

Group Class

Due to the pandemic situation, the COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce has set regulatory restrictions on group ratios for group sports. For pricing related inquiry, please contact us via the Whatsapp icon located at the bottom right of the page to find out more.

Private Class

1 Month = 4 Lessons
(Fees stated are based on per student/learner)

  • Individual: $240 to $320 for 4 lessons

Private Individual lessons can be arranged in a public swimming pool. However, lesson slots are limited and subjected to the availability of the coach's schedule.

After Swim Activities

Apart from the the pool facilities provided at Bishan Swimming Complex. This location is also in close proximity to shopping malls that parents can bring their children to after swim classes. Junction 8 Shopping Centre would be one of the perfect location to visit right after a swimming lesson, which is just a 3 minutes’ walk away from the complex. Visitors can enjoy some retail therapy to pass time, or grab some daily essentials at  the NTUC. It can also be a destination for families to enjoy dinner together out of all the dining options including A-One Claypot House, Ambush, Dian Xiao Er and Din Tai Fung.

Located right beside Bishan Swimming Complex, Bishan ActiveSG stadium, or the Bishan Sports Hall, are suitable venues for other sports recreational activities. Known for its convenient accessibility, it is just a 3 minutes’ walk from the complex to the nearby Bishan MRT, allowing visitors to communite home easily after their pool sessions.

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