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Swimming Lessons At Bedok

Swimming Lessons At Bedok are conducted at Heartbeat @ Bedok Swimming Complex.

Baby Swim Classes and Toddler Swim Classes are generally conducted in the teaching pool with a depth between o.9m to 1.0m. As the baby and toddler classes are parent accompanied, this is to allow parents to be able to stand comfortably when guiding their child in class.

Kids Swim Classes and Adult Swim Classes are generally conducted in both the teaching pool and the competition pool. This is to allow the learner to be able to pick up important survival skill such as treading water.

Swim aids are useful to have in the pool for lessons. However, swimming equipments such as flippers, snorkels and arm paddles are not allowed as they may pose danger to other pool users. Therefore, it is best to consult the life guards onsite or your respective swimming instructors regarding the use of permitted swim aids.  

Types of Classes Available

Lesson Fees

Due to the pandemic situation, the COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce has set regulatory restrictions on group ratios for group sports. For pricing related inquiry, please contact us via the Whatsapp icon located at the bottom right of the page to find out more.

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Venue & Facilities

Heartbeat@Bedok Swimming Complex has an impressive array of facilities: A competition pool with 8 lanes, a sheltered training pool with 8 lanes, a learner pool and even an interactive pool with play features and jacuzzi. Swimming lessons are definitely engaging and fun with the dedicated space to learn, play and enjoy their time in the refreshing waters.

With regards to its accessibility, Heartbeat@Bedok Swimming Complex is just an 8 minutes’ walk to Bedok MRT station, extremely convenient for anyone travelling via train. In addition, Heartbeat@Bedok, which spans an area of about three football fields, also has more than 30 retailers, including eateries. This means that visitors of the swimming complex are in for a gastronomic treat after their swimming lessons.

Other notable mentions of the facilities at Heartbeat@Bedok also include the gym, six sheltered tennis court and eight badminton courts, where visitors can also enjoy other recreational sports before hitting the pool. In addition, there is also a library that has two floors, and an area catering to young readers as well as a teens’ study area.

Apart from options within Heartbeat@Bedok, visitors can also visit the shopping malls near the swimming complex, including the Bedok Point and Bedok Mall. A newly opened mall named Djitsun Mall is also within walking distance as well – the perfect place to catch a quick movie and enjoy some fun with family and friends.

Last but not the least, there is also the beautiful Garden Hills nearby, which has a butterfly garden, playground and fitness corner. The fitness and children playground equipment has also  been renewed and upgraded to better cater to its visitors as well.

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