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Since 2017, Aquatics In Motion brings best practices to its aquatic programs in the niche areas of infant and toddler swimming, kids’ water safety and swim stroke development. The school has helped hundreds, children and adults alike, in being water safe and achieving their goals of swimming competency since 2011.

At our swim school, we believes in providing excellent swimming instructions in  a safe and fun environment.  Passionate coaches from our school helps ensure that learners stay on track, achieving their intended goals. Customised lesson plans for various age groups help tailor to different learner’s ability. So whether you are looking for infant aquatics, kids swim classes or adult learn-to-swim lessons, we got you covered.

Aquatics In Motion has also been an active participant of the International Swim School Association (ISSA) and Australian Swim School Association (ASSA) conference, which recognises the school’s contributions to the swim industry. Through active participation in such conferences, our instructors are kept in tune with the latest teaching methods.

We offer quality swimming lessons for children as young as 6 months of age through to pre-school and beyond. Our philosophy is focused on relationship with both our swimmers and parents. We recognise the unique learning styles of each child and our personalised programme reflects this.

Our qualified swimming and water safety teachers are committed to meeting the needs of all learners through building of trust and caring relationships to enhance their swimming ability and water safety skills in an aquatic environment.

Let Aquatics In Motion be the name you can trust for your swim learning needs! Come experience the positive difference in our team of swim teachers through our engaging teaching approaches that promises to yield the best results from learners of any age! From infants and toddlers, to children and adults, we have it all covered with an AIM for your swimming success!

My Story

Aquatics In Motion is a story of my life, my chosen pathway, a calling I have heeded to undertake that makes me a better person by helping others achieve their swimming goals. It brings joy and cheer, it relieves tension when done correctly, and it brings people together.

For swimming is not just another recreational skill, it’s a skill for life. From out of an aquatic environment we all were conceived, delivered into this world. There is just so much connection that we have to water. It’s liberating, it’s life sustaining, it’s a another form of motion even as it exists as a medium by itself.

My Accreditations


Sport Singapore - National Registry Of Coaches (NROC)


Sport Singapore - SwimSafer 2.0 Instructor


Sport Singapore - SwimSafer 2.0 Assessor


Lifesaving 123 Certified


Bronze Medallion Certified


Standard First Aid + AED Certified


AUSTSWIM Teacher Of Swimming And Water Safety


AUSTSWIM Teacher Of Infant And Preschool Aquatics


AUSTSWIM Teacher Of Towards Competitive Strokes




American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 1 & 2


Swim With Aquatics In Motion

Starting your child early in their swimming journey helps to lessen the chance of developing water-phobia. Babies have the tendency to be more easily acquainted with water compared to older kids because they are naturally comfortable with water .

Baby and toddler swimming is no longer a novel enrichment activity for new-age parents in Singapore. Through social media and studies conducted, parents now firmly believe in the benefits of early childhood development.

Research suggests that when babies are exposed to early water familiarisation and exploration, they show improvements in their physical development . They also demonstrated better social interaction skills when placed in group classes.

Naturally, every parent would want the best for their child. Thus, the best decision will be to invest in them from an early age. And when they grow up, it will be easier for them to pick up other skills.

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