Advance Adult Swimming Lessons

For those that are unaware of what total immersion entails, it is a popular and well-known swimming technique that mirrors what the elite swimmers do from scratch so that you can learn how to swim efficiently rather than trying to beat the water into submission. Basically, it’s about trying to swim like a fish born in water rather than swimming like a human. This is a swimming technique that you can utilize and appreciate in the long run, as it is a useful skill to have and favoured by beginners and competitive swimmers alike.

The key techniques of total immersion lies within the 3 key components that are: Balance, Streamlining and Propulsion. Balance involves adjusting your body position so that your whole body across the water is levelled – this is because your legs typically weigh more than your upper body and head. Next would be streamlining, where it reduces drag and resistance so that swimming can be more efficient. Finally there is propulsion, where the swimmer is able to glide through the water more efficiently and overcome drag.

A crucial reason why learning total immersion from young or at beginner level is effective is because humans have a tendency to make unnecessary movements, flail around and struggle for breathe while swimming in the water. This should not be the case, as total immersion is about swimming in a composed and aerodynamic way without straining your body within the waters. It’s about maximising the efficiency of your strokes to glide through the water.

Learning total immersion techniques with our professional swimming coach is certainly to be anticipated for, as the steps are learns progressively with each action building on the previous. This ensures that the progress is steady and consistent with proper focus. The pace will also be carefully controlled depending on the swimmer’s preference and capabilities, so as to ensure that learning the technique does not tire them out.

If you are interested in perfecting your strokes or learning how to swim in the most efficient and useful technique possible, take our total immersion swimming programmes and take your swimming to the next level!

What Will Adults Learn

  • Develop survival skills earlier
  • Develop essential social, personal
  • Improve motor skills
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Increased water confidence
  • Advanced cognitive and linguistic skills

Benefits Of Advance Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming is considered a low-impact sport, where the body is 90 percent buoyant when immerse in the water. This  means that swimmers generally do not hit the ground with the weight you carry on land. Therefore, with the reduced stress on your body with the assistance of water buoyancy, swimming is certainly the ideal sport for toddlers that are still in tender age with growing and delicate body systems.

In addition, swimming can be a team activity during swimming lessons, which can be a great way for toddlers to build up their confidence and their social skills while enjoying their time with other swimmers of their age. It is also a great activity to introduce to your toddlers a healthy lifestyle so that they can pick up the habit of exercising and facing a crowd positively from a young age.


With the engaging swimming lessons, toddlers will learn how to handle themselves in the water with quick and short water submersions with the right breathing control so that they can be much more at ease within the waters.

Adult Swimming Journey With Us

==> Babies and infants learn best when they are in a fun and engaging environment. This is also why baby swimming lessons conducted by Aquatics In Motion are designed to create a high energy learning environment. With uniquely crafted songs and specialised baby swimming toys, the lesson setting will help your baby become acquainted with being comfortable in the water, performing simple drills and water exercises.

Classes conducted weekly, because a good and consistent routine is what helps your baby remember the skills taught during the lessons. By minimising disruption, it will help promote progression in your baby’s learning journey. Progression stages are generally simplified to 3 milestone stages: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.


Beginner Demonstrate the ability to submerge underwater, holding their breaths
Intermediate Demonstrate the ability to swim for a short distance, and floating on their backs with reduced assistance
Advanced Demonstrate water safety skills such as the swim-float-swim sequence

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