Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons are specific to the learning needs of adults, where areas such as body type, height and muscular density can affect body positioning in the water. Communicative teaching methods for adults also differ from that of teaching children, and good use of coaching techniques explained to adults will provide progress to overcome certain challenges such as water anxiety, or stroke correction.

Suitable for learners 14 years old and above
Available for both group and private classes

Adult Swimming Lessons are mainly designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge of swim strokes or water confidence. Therefore, with proper guidance and demostation, learning how to swim can be made easy for adults. Adults are better visual learners. As a result, it will not take very long to pick up a swim stroke. That is to say adult learners still have to constantly practise to familiarise themselves with the strokes.

Most adult swim classes are conducted in the evenings to accommodate working adults. Both private swimming lessons and group swimming lessons are available for beginner adult learners. For private sessions, the coach will vary the lessons pace base on the learners ability and progress. Meanwhile, group sessions are to promote social interaction among adult learners to learn together.


Swimming Progression For Adults


  • Basic water confidence skills
  • Basic swim strokes
  • Deep water orientation


  • Extended swim distance
  • Proficiency in swim strokes
  • Threading water


  • Endurance and stamina training
  • Technical stroke corrections
  • Advanced swim strokes and breathing techniques

Benefits Of Adult Swimming Lessons

Due to family and work commitments, many Singaporean adults do not participate regularly in sports and exercise. As a result, this causes stiffness and tension in muscles which can cause discomfort. Thus, swimming lessons as a sport, is the perfect excercise for busy adults as it places the least amount of pressure on the body. Thus, this makes swimming the perfect sport to help in recovery or strengthening of the body. Furthermore, having the ability to swim opens up opportunities to explore various water activities. Such activities include snorkeling in the middle of the ocean or scuba diving for the more adventurous, all of which requires some form of basic water confidence.

Adult Swimming Journey With Us

As the saying goes “live till you’re old, learn till you’re old” is the way of life in which many have chosen to live by. Age should never be a consideration for anyone who wishes to pick up a new skill in their adulthood.

In Aquatics In Motion, our adult swimming lessons cater to all adult learner, whether you are a beginner, water-phobic learner, or an intermediate learner who is looking for stroke corrections.

Classes conducted are ongoing weekly. Regular practices help adult learners retain information better through muscle memory exercises in the pool.

To understand which learning level you are in, adult swimmers can be categorised into 3 stages: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.


BeginnerDemonstrate the ability to submerge facedown underwater without goggles. Able to perform a free-float (either forward float or backward float)
IntermediateDemonstrate the ability to swim for a short distance with basic arm and leg propulsive movements
AdvancedDemonstrate the ability to swim longer distances with efficient arm and leg propulsive movements and regular breathing
Adult Swimming Lessons
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