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Swimming lessons can be a daunting experience for many beginners whom just started learning to swim. The aquatic programme covers topics such as breath control, maneuvering in the water, as well as basic self-help survival techniques. In this aquatic journey, learners will learn to build up confidence to submerge their face underwater through various water conditioning techniques.

Part of the process will also allow learners to explore the freedom of buoyancy, allowing them to and explore manoeuvring ability in water. This will be accomplished through muscle coordination and movement drills, which are extrinsic and requires guidance. As such, it is important to find a trusted swim school and an experienced instructor team to plan and conduct these lessons. In the long run, swimming lessons are not just an ordinary enrichment acitivity, it can be a healthy lifelong pursuit and the gateway to a world of aquatic activities!

Swimming Lessons For All Ages


For babies between 6 to 42 months old


For toddler between 4 to 6 years old


For kids from 7 years old and up


For adults across all age group

Our Teaching Syllabus

The backbone of every swim school lies in its curriculum, founded upon the principles of its teaching philosophies, together with a sound, and progressive teaching syllabus. At Aquatics In Motion, we believe and commit our teaching practices to the key areas of progression of skills, and the well-being of the learner.

In the critical aspects of personal water safety and swimming strokes know-how, the children’s multi-stage swim programme delivers the necessary broader exposure of swimming essential skills, in a single, complete approach for swim learning.

Our Water Safety Focus

In 2007, the National Water Safety Council (NWSC) was tasked by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) to oversee water safety matters in Singapore. It was then, the initiative of the SwimSafer Curriculum was set up to be the national water safety programme in July 2010. This certification programme consists of progressive stages in learning and evaluations.

The programme was later reviewed in 2016 to 2017. Like its predecessor, the new SwimSafer 2.0 is an enhanced version with revised syllabus and assessments to broaden the knowledge of water safety and challenge the abilities of the children’s swim skills.

Our Swim School Commitment

Being an affiliated member of Singapore Swimming Association (SSA), with registered coaches with Sport Singapore and ActiveSG through the National Registry of Coaches (NROC), Aquatics In Motion’s goal is to help uphold and raise the swimming proficiency and the level of water-safety standards in Singapore.

In addition to local affiliations, our swim school also seeks to bring in best practices drawn from active participation and affiliation to leading international swim teaching organisations such as the Australian Swim Schools Association and the International Swim Schools Association. We take pride in providing trauma-free infant swim programmes that are founded upon emotional success leading skill improvements.

What Makes Our Lessons Different?

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What We Will Teach?

Swimming is a life skill which no one can take it away from you. As the saying goes: ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

Here at our swim school, we focus on teaching the important skills that can help you and your child enjoy your next holiday trip!

Overcoming water-phobia, developing water safety knowledge and improving survival skills are some of the things that we will focus on during lessons.

Start Swimming Early!

Research conducted by Griffith University, Australia (view published paper here) on 7000 children below the age of 5, suggests that exposing them to early water familiarisation and exploration shows improvement in their physical development. They also demonstrated better social interaction skills when placed in group classes.

By starting your child early with us in our baby and toddler swimming programme, your little ones are able to be acquainted with water much earlier, which gives them a head start in their overall cognitive development.

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Lesson Venues In Singapore

Private Home Pool

Enjoy the Luxury of having swimming lessons at your own Private Condominium Pool

Indoor Heated Pool

Enjoy the Comfort of having swimming lessons in an Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

Public Pool

Enjoy the Convenience of having swimming lessons at a Public Swimming Complex

Sentosa Cove

The Oceanfront Sentosa Swimming Lesson

Enjoy the Exclusivity of having swimming lessons in Sentosa Cove with Swim Sentosa

Difference Between Group & Private Swim Classes

The key difference between private and group swim classes is that private classes provide more focused attention and aids in solving specific learning challenges faced by the learners quickly. While group classes on the other hand promotes social interaction and competitive mindset amongst peers during learning.

Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons on the other hand, can be conducted in both a public pool or a private condominium pool. So long as the coach holds a current usage permit license issued by Sport Singapore that allows him/her to conduct lessons in a public swimming complex.

Group Swimming Lessons

Group swimming lessons are mostly conducted in public swimming pools as anyone is allowed to use the facility when they purchase an entry ticket. Unlike swimming lessons in a private residential condominium, where the pool is permitted for residents use only. Thus its more challenging to form big group classes in a condominium.

Lesson Fees & Rates

Swim lesson fees are priced in variance to the time duration and nature of the swim class types. Private individual lessons may cost between $60 to $80, depending on the experience and specialisation of the swim coach.

Group classes in public pools are around $17.50 to $22.50 per student per lesson, while a smaller group classes of just 2 to 5 students ranges from $25 to $45 per student per lesson

*Note that the per lesson cost serves only as a point of reference for ease of calculation, all fees are to be paid in advance ahead for a term, which is typically two months per term.


Hear about what some of customers have to say about learning to swim with Aquatics In Motion.

Aquatics In Motion
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Michelle Lim
Michelle Lim
Can't recommend Coach Justin enough! He has been teaching my first kid since he was 2 and my second one since he was 6... months. Both of them are now very comfortable and confident in the water. An extremely patient coach who deals well with children of all ages!read more
Kehk BL
Kehk BL
Coach Justin is very patient with my daughter and has successfully helped my daughter overcome her fear of water. My... daughter has progressed a lot under Coach Justin and has learned a lot under him. She loves her Swimming lessons so much that she looks forward to them weekly with her good friend. Thank you, Justin!read more
AdrianMay Chan
AdrianMay Chan
We send to both private and group lessons with other schools before. After 2 years, they didnt progress at all. The... coach highlighted their issues to us and told it will take a long while before they can go for test. As parents, we got frustrated and concerns. Through recommendation, we got to know Coach Justin from Aquatics In Motion. We engage him for private lessons for my 2 boys. Within a period of 6 months, they were set for Stage 2 and 3 tests. We were very surprised with the progress. What make the difference is Coach Justin bother to understand his students learning approach and their motivation. He uses them to drive the students and overcome the students' issues / fear. We wished we could have know them much earlier and not wasted 2 solid years.We highly recommend them because they offers quality lessons. Your money will worth every cent under Aquatics In more
Manimegalai Vellasamy
Manimegalai Vellasamy
We would recommend Justin to any adult who wants to learn how to swim. When you see the dedication and level of... perfection that Justin demands you know you are getting taught the proper way. With Justin you are learning everything precisely. It simply not just about swimming but swimming correctly, confidently and with precision. For as long as we can remember we were afraid of water and the depth. Today with Justin's lessons and guidance our confidence is more
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan
A skillful and caring swimming coach. My two girls, start their lessons with Coach Justin when they were in N2 and K2.... Both of them are now able to swim confidently in water and always looking forward to their swimming lesson! 🥰read more
Ywai Cee Toh
Ywai Cee Toh
Coach Justin certainly has a way with young children to put them at ease and enjoy the swimming lessons. My 4yo... daughter just loves him!read more
Lin ChunHui Eunice
Lin ChunHui Eunice
My 5yo son has been with Coach Justin since May 2018. Within this period of time, we’ve witnessed major changes in... him from a crying and whining boy who is terrified of going into pools/seaside to one who enjoys and is able to swim for a short little distance without us. He is comfortable being in water now and is building up stamina to carry out various swim strokes. We are very grateful for that and highly recommend Coach Justin.✔️ Passionate to teach swimming. ✔️ Able to understand swimmer’s emotion and character/personality so as to come up with methods suitable to engage swimmer. ✔️ Patient and encouraging. ✔️ Instills discipline and safety in swimming. ✔️ Sets age and capability appropriate expectations. ✔️ Bilingual. ✔️ Experienced and professional. ✔️ Puts parents at ease as more
Melissa Tan
Melissa Tan
With his songs and charisma, Coach Justin builds water confidence in a fun and engaging way and kids just adore him.
Christina Tandiono
Christina Tandiono
Both my children aged 7 and 5 have been swimming under Coach Justin’s guidance since April 2018.For my 5 years old,... she started swimming with floats and now she’s able to swim without it and learnt various strokes in less than a year. Whereas my older one, he is able to swim with proper strokes and improve with his timing and techniques. Coach Justin is an outstanding passionate teacher with amazing teaching skills. He knows his students well both in their capabilities and personalities, thus he knows exactly how to get better results from them. I highly recommend Coach Justin to parents who would like their kids to swim not only safer in mind but also to swim using proper more
Zhao Mengqi
Zhao Mengqi
感谢我的教练Justin.游泳我是零基础,他很有耐心的教我,很有耐心,也很专业,照顾到新... 的各种顾虑,担心。让我很快不怕水,两节课后就可以游一小段了,很有成就感啊😊谢谢Justin,让我在水里找到自由和自信!read more
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